Reviews for "Yes?"

Nice work!

It has mentioned many times before, so I'm not going to mention the arm. I think it would be a more eye-catching picture if perhaps molten lava flowed in little streams through, around, and over the rocks. Would make the picture look more hellish. Anyway, it's a great picture. Keep up the good work!

Reminds me of "Krug" from VGcats

Not sure if you've seen that character but anyway I like the bleak shading and how bulgy the devil's MAN ARM is.


My first initial thought was "Is this the new Satan artwork from Leo and Satan?" I loved it. Great work!

very good

coloring,expression and mood but one minor flaw is his arm that is under his chin is thinner than his other arm :P just noticed that other than that its good :)


@ thesim2: Yes, indeed! He looks like he's wondering what (or who) to eat :D

Anyway, I like the image, especially the details, such as horns, eyes and teeth. Even though he's teeth look like he's been in a brawl :)