Reviews for "Yes?"

Very Nice

I think this has a good chance at frontpage. I think it's successful in a way that only a few of your other pieces are. The composition here is given room to breathe. There's plenty of distinction between elements. And I think with this one you really nailed down a painterly style. I mean it feels thick with 'paint'.

You've made accidents (like as you pointed out one arm being bigger than the other) work. Not to the point where it feels sublime, but it definitely doesn't feel awkward.

I like the fast and loose feel of this too. Because it is really detailed. Somehow you made that contradiction work. Good job man.

Errold responds:

Why why, you were right! :D thanks for the great critizism, I'll make use of it!

he was thinking

" im bored maybe i should go outside : D "

good job XD