Reviews for "Tanned"

Best! Hot! Awesome!

Omg! this is the best detail!

BizarroJoe responds:

Hahah, you kinda sound like the Street Fighter Zero 3 announcer!
Glad to hear you liked it!

Good try but..

You won't hide anymore this girl from my eyes!
( It must be the rose that make me pass this one )

Anyway, I have to say that I love this one too =3

HI love what you make with her eyes, they looks likes an clear ocean where you could dive in.

I like also the details around her nipples, like that they look likes so tender and soft :3

And I don't talk about her pubic hair; I found them so realistic that I would wish to have the ability of passing my hand on them, just to caress them..
( But I can, or Abyss will kill me x) )

Huhu, all that to say, I like your new technics =)

BizarroJoe responds:

Yeah, sometimes I just get stuff in my userpage, but not in the Art Portal. They're stuff I think they're not Portal-level or just unfinished, or whatever reason. So I just get them here as a sort of a nod for people who visit my userpage.
Your comment about the eyes sounds like a typical pick-up line. >:D
The nipples was my first tryout at gradients. I couldn't render them the way I used to do it, and I must say, I'm surprised they can look so well... You do well in telling me they're liked.
And the pubes, I'd liked to try some sort of stylisation, but, using tablet strokes, they just begged to be drawn like that. So I coudn't resist.
I really appreciate your detailed comments, they have answered somewhat the questions this drawing asked implicitely.

Tan-Tastic stuff...

sorry for the poor pun... but still... its like no matter what your given... be it a paper napkin and a pencil.... or flash.... you still make outstanding pieces of your work on/with them... what can i say that i havent already said?...

BizarroJoe responds:

The pun is alright. So I'M BUYIN' IT.
And, well, about my progression, you can compare this with the folowing picture... That was also meant to be drawn in a single session, but I just got carried away in polishing it and I decided to finish it the following day.
Man, it has really took me time to get into tablet and Flash. I just started like, almost three weeks ago. But I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm learning a few tricks now.
Thanks a lot for your interest, Legs. So long!

Quality stuff.

I'm happy that you're back to makin' this stuff, honestly missed you man!

And boy does that young girl look pretty!

Natural brunette I see! That sure is in my liking. Good work!

BizarroJoe responds:

Sorry for my absences... I'm trying hard to get rid of that annoying habit...
Good to know people are liking these!
I'm also happy to see you're still here among us.
Thank you very much for visiting, Afasi!

Flash + Wacom tablet + Joe = hentai

you want to make animations? start doing some spam, small and fun, porn spam, it's great to do

BizarroJoe responds:

(whistling a merry tune and looking to another side)
I mean, Gawd, am I so easy to see-through?