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Reviews for "Sunday School 07"

Your series was really starting to suck...but...

I didn't really enjoy 6, but this one makes up for more than that. Sunday school rocks! This is the best thing on newgrounds, ever. People beat drugs...LMAO. And the cops...OH MY GOD. LOL PIGS!!! YOU GOT THE PIGS GOOD! And Mr. Yahtzee is back for a quick cameo since the 2nd one! It's dark, funny, and graphic! I LOVE THIS!!!


great,just great.."people beat drugs?! thats horrible!" LMAO,keep making them

easily one of the best jail movies here on NG

it was just so damn funny. i loved the lunchroom and the hole parts the best. this is a very underrated series and it demands more praise!

Sick but funny

That's some pretty funny stuff there - this is one series that I've missed and will catch up on later. Interesting plotline, not great graphics and poor voices, which are rarely in sync and sound bad occasionally, but the movie's entertaining. Some nice subtle jokes on the posters too!

EricSullivan responds:

Thank you! The voices in this episode suck big time compared to what I've attempted in my other movies. I really have done better, but I just wasn't into this episode very much.
In fact, next to #3 & 4, this is my least favorite episode.


"People beat drugs? That's horrible!" Ok, well, this episode is one of the funniest episodes yet in the series. "Dance for me Eric!" I love that your crazy humor, sick sick stuff. What happens when a kid who went to Sunday School, gets in trouble, and then goes to Juvi... Everything! I like that the you gave the raper a Hitler-Stach. I love "very special" episodes, very nice stuff. How many more episodes in the series will there be?


EricSullivan responds:

I'm working on a super-duper late Christmas episode to the series right now, so that'll clock this series in at 8 episodes. And I did kind of want to do at least 2 more after that.
Plus I've got a big idea for a 70-minute movie for the Sunday School series.
But after I finish #8, I'll be putting all of that hold and put my full concentration on "The Mattress 3".