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Reviews for "Sunday School 07"


Not so funny as the other episode I have watch so far but still farking funny.

it said to give this movie a zero

just doing what it said

EricSullivan responds:

Good. Good. And here I thought my power of persuasion was non-existent. Now I command you to jump off a cliff!


is this flash legel?

EricSullivan responds:

In some states.

Why did i find it funny?

I really dont no why i found it funny i just did.
The shower scene was the best though.
How do you come up with it?
does it just pop into your head or do you sit down and think?

EricSullivan responds:

They've always just popped into my head, and I'd write it down and just go with it. Some ideas get changed along the way, however.


How the fuk do you come up with this shit it so stupid yet so funny

EricSullivan responds:

I like to sit down in my favorite chair, sipping on burbon and smoking my favorite pipe while reading my favorite book, "A Tale Of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens.
When I am in this moment of zen, the fruitful ideas of naked children, making love to bags of sugar and eating people come to mind, and I translate that into flash.
It's that simple, my dear boy.