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Reviews for "Sunday School 07"


why do this to richard?(other than the obvious fact he uses drugs)why not do it to gay eric!!favorite part was the hole

EricSullivan responds:

To be fair, everything bad that happens to Richard in this episode is his own fault, so it's not like he didn't have it coming to him.


The scene in the Hole was absolute gold. I haven't seen something that funny in a long time. Thanks for the great work.


What a great episode! Clever plot! Overused jokes, though. But, whatever!

I disliked the use of the n word

Other than that this was a funny episode. Most messed up shower ever. The time in the hole was good to (3rd one this week)

your slowly getting more offensive and i love it

i remember in the last episode you had a guy with the shirt i hate n****rs. now you got skin heads saying it. i liked the spoon up the ass but you could really step up the sickness next time with some inscest or some dead body humping cause ive only been like 30% offended by your series its just not offensive and sick enough to get my jollys off. but hey i like tentacle hentai which would be nice to see in a sick flash like this

EricSullivan responds:

Actually, I do have someone humping (edit: Err.. giving a blowjob to) a dead body in episode #9 of the Sunday School series. And I've already written the 14th episode's story, which contains a side story slightly focused around incest.