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Reviews for "-Death Hazard-"


I have never heard a song on newgrounds this good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this. If i Had a dollar for every song better than this i would be the poorest man on earth!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good beat and a good tempo. nice one

holy shit

ive developed a reputation for being such a hardass, i choose my friends simply by their music. you have to really earn the right to a review from me without ANY complaints

please expand this

all it could possibly need is vocals

Oh hell yeah

This is incredibly awesome! Mind if I use it for my next flash?

I like it

A great peice here. I like it's sound, it's got a good rhythm and a gret kick to it. Like BloodyRenegade said, it really does stand out from the other Classical Rock tracks here. It's great.
All it needs it to be a little, longer, perhaps.