Reviews for "(2003)Knoxs Klay World2/6"

Yes! Hahahahaha! Sheer Greatness!

My favorite line...or lines ever:
"Oh you want a cookie? Well too bad, you can't have a cookie because you keep biting my face!"

Knox, I was right, this DOES get better as it progresses! (Better begin swapping my "Favorite Flash's list."...AGAIN...) I'm not going to continue to single out my other favorite scenes from this flash, otherwise this will be a very...VERY long review. In-short: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The revised "in-short" (minus the unnecessary laughter meant to express how insanely hilarious the flash that I'm currently reviewing while having a run-on sentence in parenthesis.): Great Job Knox! Have a cookie!

Peace Out, Knox! And GOD SPEED!
Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

Knox responds:

did you spot 2 refferences to knox and toxs thanksgiving??!?!

Like always..You ROCK

My God Knox I'm running out of cool things to say about you. All I can say it you ROck, you will always Rock, your claymation Rocks, Your site Rocks and everything you do Rocks.

"How can you cheat on a 1 player game" That was my favorite line.

Anyway...Good job 5++ all the way. Do what you to best Konx and keep Rocking

Your pretty god with clay!

I love this. Keep up the good work!

I like movie.

This movie is very good and funny. Guess what?
Everbody like your movies!


this is total radness. I love it