Reviews for "(2003)Knoxs Klay World2/6"

i asked once ....

be for in 1/6 so once again what is ur e-mail??

"I can't die. I- SQUELCH!" Heh.

That was nice. A good sequel to the first one. Ok. Now onto part three. See you there.


I loved it when the dead hand thing had its head chopped of and when it ran past the klay guy and his head span round that was cool.

he hee get down from there.

Death during claymation= yay
Death after claymation=BOO and People=Shit
i laughed my ass off when the lizard head got all evil. I cant die. The bullet didnt kill me the bomb didnt kill me. I cant die. so tell me knox are you brilliant or are you just randomly doing things? Either way keep up the good work.

Very Funny

I really liked this its better than the 1st one. Also the glove puppet guy who was in jacob 1 & 2 is funny. Ive seen all your movies and this is one of your best i reckon.