Reviews for "(2003)Knoxs Klay World2/6"

great fight

I liked the fight scene alot. Especially between the tree and the seed. And who are those two people. The one with the wacky hair and the one with the dog arm. oh and the dog arm part was wacked up. He said he couldnt get killed and look what happens. he gets ran over by the robot. Its pure funny.

Really good

You always amaze me Knox! Killers of Klay World unite!


Woot that movie is awesome!!!..........i love knox's movie their always funny when he wants em to be.

The Hands!!!!!!

All the hands were cool, tree hand and evil immortal hand.

NOOO only 4 left!

nooo only 4 left till the end :( this was totally awesome! 10/10 knox. LOL the alien from alien v predators is too much evilness!!!