Reviews for "(2003)Knoxs Klay World2/6"

Good, just like all the time

You got this. Keep it up!

Not much to say.

There's nothing to say nothin' to improve on... but I must say one thing... MAKE MORE! There is no other thing like this on Newgrounds.


My favorite out of the six.

Just classic, so is the other five but I like this one the most.

gobest bad quality animation ive ever seen

That was funny. to make this whole clay world thingy you probalu were like getting tired of your characters or something and dexided to squash them claymation style lol.

what the hell does that other guy know

knox is one of the best clay animators ever and to say that his clay animations are crap is aload of bull, knox you make the best clay animations ever!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!