Reviews for "(2003)Knoxs Klay World2/6"


too bad the yellow seed thing and the hand tree thing died, they were kool. put in leon the dog!


To be honest Knox, I love yer Matrix stuff but have never liked your caly stuff, but this has won me over. I might watch all of yer claymation stuff one of these days cause this movie rox like Knox... okay I know that last sentence made no sense but than again I am pretty drunk right now. so In closing Knox u have made me a bigger fan of yours (besides the fact that I am a fat ass) U rock keep this shi up foo

Slow my ass!

These all rock So do you
Have my babys!!


You haven't disappointed me, yet.

That was good.. Just like all your other shit -.-

We get married now? Kthnxbie


Knox responds:

now weres the chair :P

Very cool . . .

Very cool FLASH movie. I like the claymations. I used to do that with my mother's video camera. Good to see you bringing it into FLASH and working hard on the idea. Only a few suggestions: 1) Make it clearer or bigger (but i know that will add too much file size), 2) Try making a different setting, and 3) DON'T make it so good next time cause you beat my flash submission, "weightloss for dummies" which came in DAILY 5th!!! LOL, jk. It's all good. =)