Reviews for "Another World [Millenium]"

I'm in the same boat EliteFerrex is...

I came here after hearing your "Forever Gamer" to see what all you have. This one is very nice as well. Although I'll be honest and say it most likely will not make it as far as Forever Gamer. Still an awesome piece of art though...yes, art, not music!

SkyMarshall responds:

You'll probably right about that, but thanks for liking it :) Makes it worthwhile :)


Sounded like a boy running around playing a flute, very neat song, cheerful and very sci-fi like (with a flute)


SkyMarshall responds:

Space-flute then :) Thanks for the double jeaopardy there! Appreciate it man c",)


I LOVED THIS SONG. the beat was awesome cuz... well... i dont know it was just awesome!!!!!!

SkyMarshall responds:

Awesome is what I think of your 10 and review. Thanks man =)

always a pleasure.

always a pleasure to listen to your music Sky. yet again, another top track that i cant stop listening to. love ur music bud. keep it up.


SkyMarshall responds:

Well, thanks for that Neogma. Im glad you like it. More to come for sure, hopefully something will be of your liking =)

- Eirik

another world or another happy ending

well another realy good one that realy seems like some of the best of the space consept music i have seen so good for you