Reviews for "Another World [Millenium]"


Omg! Nice!

(Du må faen meg lære meg å lage no sånnt noe) :D
Visste ikke du var norsk :D
Sjuukt god du er! Mange av sangene er jo på Toppen oxo! ^^

Najs ass Maann :D
Digger den Stemma i midten av sangen ^^

SkyMarshall responds:

Haha, jammen kos du liker driten da mann :)
Takker og bukker som bare faen for 10'ern jeg veitu!

(yes, thats norwegian for ya'll)


I Give this 9/10 it isnt perfect but its well ok..
I am maybe a harsh man or something but WHO CARES?

SkyMarshall responds:

SkyMarshall dont care. He appreciates the 9 and loves you for the care bear that is Killervalon. Thanks man =)

nice nice.. wtf.. nice

all of it was nice man...
except the vocals...
remix plz -lose the vocals..
put in some hi-tech transition instead
:P Latahz :P

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks =) And yes, I have been thinking of doing that. And I will :) Thanks for the 7 =)

Awesome beat


0. Hello.

1. Good Points:
* Starts out great.
* The bass and drums really mix well and the piece stays true to its dance roots.
* Nice theme to it, great beat to dance to.
* The ending is pretty great to.
* I applaud you for the "button" sound and the whistle. It fits the track quite nicely and the presence was well-timed.

2. (Not so) Good Points:
* The robot dialogue sequence was a little bit off for me, I kinda feel it's unnecessary and the entire track could do away without it.
* The entire middle part kind of slowed down the pace of the track for me and it kind of threw me off the catchy first part.
* The slow pace at the middle could've been better.

3. Good day, sir.


SkyMarshall responds:

Okay, the robotics need to go - I realize that now. But the entire song is actually built around the fact that I wanted to try out some new vocoding-software. But yes, the song is better without it. I guess I'll look into that. The interlude needs to stay, but it can be done differently to maintain the pacing.

Glad you like it man =) Thanks for the 9 and the review!


The begining was the best part. I like the whistle sound and melody...and the bass + pads go well together with it.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks =) Glad you like it man!