Reviews for "Another World [Millenium]"

I'm a big fan... but for gods sake..

Do you ever make a bad song?

I think what I love most about this song, is the realistic space feel it gives you. Everything just blends together perfectly, and that melody is quite catchy.

Keep making great music.

SkyMarshall responds:

Oh I will sure try ... thanks a lot man =)

You truly is a great artist/musician!

I have been listening to your other songs and they ae just as great! Keep up the good work!

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks a lot man! next one up is a Zelda-inspired thing =)


love the feeling over this song, amazing work:)


SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks =) The "feeling" is what I was trying to keep through the whole thing. Im glad you picked up on it. Appreciate the 10 and the kinds words, sir =)


wooooooooooah cooooooooool =D

SkyMarshall responds:

Oh yeah :) Appreciate that then there, captain =)

I liked it!

It was pretty good! I liked the first half better than the second. It was so good! I could Imagine freaking zombies dancing to this! Scratch that, I can imagine every one from alien 3 AS zombies dancing to this! You should be voted king of all robo space songs!

SkyMarshall responds:

Zombody needs to realise that idea you had there through flash :) And thanks for the kind words, kind sir :) Love the 10!