Reviews for "Another World [Millenium]"

sweet mother of god mint


I'm in the same boat EliteFerrex is...

I came here after hearing your "Forever Gamer" to see what all you have. This one is very nice as well. Although I'll be honest and say it most likely will not make it as far as Forever Gamer. Still an awesome piece of art though...yes, art, not music!

SkyMarshall responds:

You'll probably right about that, but thanks for liking it :) Makes it worthwhile :)

This song needs to be discovered!

Another great piece of work from you, once again. Although it was your Top 5 "Forever Gamer" that brought me to your audio, this song is also an instant favorite, 10/10, 5/5 and download. Again, a marvelous job. I have to ask you, since this song sounds like it was made in FL Studio, what on earth IS that marvelous bass you used? It has a powerful, energetic sound to it, and if it's a default in FL, and you don't mind sdharing, I'd really like to know...

Anyway, thanks again for giving me another song to add to my collection of music. Listening to your work is giving me inspiration, and the knowledge that not every song I create has to be 160 BPM in order to sound truly great. =)


SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks man :) And ofcourse I dont mind sharing. For this one I used one of the bass-patches originally preset in reFX Vanuard, and just tweaked it until I was happy with the way it made the kick bounce with bass. But, a lot of the bundled samples in FL has good bass potential as well. It's all a matter of equalising and cutting the punch at the right time.

And no, 160bpm is too fast. Happy harcore I guess :)
I usually stay in the range of 125 to 140bpm.
You get to play a lot more with instruments when its slow. Try it :)

Holy sweet

Im really starting to get down to your music man
Its Amazing man.
I found nothing wrong with this track so i guess its just gonna be a short review from me.
Keep it up man you made it into my favrite artist so i dont know about your but to me i would consider you self real lucky man but thats up to you to decide
Laters im gna keep an i eye on your work.

SkyMarshall responds:

Well thanks for the fav'd man :) ofcourse I feel lucky.
Thanks for your thoughts on this.
Im off to check out your "Jessica"