Reviews for "Another World [Millenium]"

That is Awesome!

I really liked your vocals. they were sweet. to me, there was nothing wrong with them. i especially liked how you said 'enter atmosphere' and then the music started up again. very well done!! keep up the good work =D

10/10 and 5/5 and a download for me!!

SkyMarshall responds:

Glad you liked them :) It's always a challenge to me to make the most interesting kick-off I can make in songs. I like when it's all quiet, and the hell just breaks lose. So thanks for the 10/5 and download man =)

Really Cool

This is different i love the flute. the bass sounds really cool and hey what can i say ur heaps better than me at this

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks for the compliments and the 9 man :)


Good song, but the bass made it seem like someone was thumping the side of my house.

SkyMarshall responds:

Haha yes I know. But is that such a bad thing. Im happy when the accessories in my house start running about due to excessive amounts of slamming kicks. Thanks for the 9 and the review mate :)


Not bad, It sounds like you need a popscreen for recording vocals though.

....Word you n***a rock that shit!


Do more.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks man:) Yes, I did need a pop-filter, I agree. (so I've bought one now) :)

More will be done ofcourse =)


This song is by far my favorite song in this portal right now. The Flute is not by any means over the top, it's right there on the verge though. The flute gave me the feeling of a space dance, and the robotic voice makes me come back. I absolutely love it. I cannot wait for more of your works.

So...get to it!

SkyMarshall responds:

On the verge indeed. The highest notes do kill your ears if your speakers fail to produce sufficiant amounts of bass though. Im glad you like it, makes it all worthwhile doing :) Then 10 is much appreciated.

So ... I guess I'll get to it then! c",)