Reviews for "Another World [Millenium]"


Well, I loved the song in general, although I'm not a fan of the chatter between 2 and 2.30... That was the only thing that, unfortunately, kept me from downloading it.

SkyMarshall responds:

The chatter seem to be a somewhat love/hate-section: But Im glad you like it man =) Thanks.

SOOOOOO gooood!!!

I like this one for sure!!!

Hhehehhe you made a good work with this one!!
XDXDXDXD so brilliant and well I have many things to say, but I don't know how to startedXDXDXD. Thi is one of my favorites. And I'll check for your future works Dude!!!

SkyMarshall responds:

The 10 kinda tells me you like it :) And I love it man. Thanks a lot c",)


Absolutely brilliant, i just love this song, i simply love it. There is nothing i would change about it at all. Words are not sufficient to express my emotions towards this song :D

SkyMarshall, keep on releasing stuff like this, its just mindblowing.

SkyMarshall responds:

I will I will :) Thanks mate!


Love the entire song, it's pretty good man. Keep it up.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks man :) Im starting another one tonight, so I'll keep it up for sure ^^

Funky Fresh!

I almost wanted to get up and start dancing around. You should make a version with more lyrics or something, but even if you didn't, this one is really tight.

Awesome job!


SkyMarshall responds:

Yes, I tried to add lyrics for this - but then I decided to do an all out instrumental. Glad you liked the final result mate =)