Reviews for "Fun in the Woods"

good to see some good nz flash

yup, yup. simple, but backed by some "37337" animation.

Five awarded due to nationality.


This movie was pretty well animated and the voice acting also was well done. Also this movie had a very funny story to it and it was a great idea to make a good joke into a movie. Also this animation was short , but funny and a sick yet funny ending.

Good joke: music went well.


fairly good, great graphics! it was short, and it is difficult to make an entire movie about some guys fucking in the woods. a sequel of the old guy chasing the other would be hilarious!

Not bad at all!

Very nice animation! I'm quite impressed. although it was a might short. Even though, thanks for a good laugh!

Ba-dum CHING!

Heh....very well animated, and the voices were excellent. Keep it up.