Reviews for "Fun in the Woods"


fairly good, great graphics! it was short, and it is difficult to make an entire movie about some guys fucking in the woods. a sequel of the old guy chasing the other would be hilarious!

Not bad at all!

Very nice animation! I'm quite impressed. although it was a might short. Even though, thanks for a good laugh!

Ba-dum CHING!

Heh....very well animated, and the voices were excellent. Keep it up.

GREAT GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love your style, but I didn't get the joke...was he saying he was going to f*** the guy? Wait....nevermind. It was funny. Good job.

Styles low because...

I've heard that joke before. Only it was something along the lines of a cow getting lost when I heard it. I don't remember it well. This one's better though.