Reviews for "Jessica [Club Mix]"

Pretty good

Awwww, I was hoping for a sweet trance remix of the Allman Brothers song! Oh well. This is still pretty good.

Great done!

I almost never like trance, and there were still some spots in the song that bored me.. BUT! I actually keep going back here and listen to it again. That's impressive. I've downloaded it - Keep up the good work. My name is Karen by the way, if you could make me a song ;D
-Just joking.. Hope your girlfriend likes it. I do.
I think "it all begins" at 02:20 but the build up works good.



I will say that trance is not my fav. genre at the moment, but i listened this song with pleasure!
Thanks for this work.


I was getting ready to say: "Heeey, something you can have sex with her with." but it's too... slow. Good song though, bro.

Terror-Proof responds:

Lol maybe i should make a faster version then eh?

Cheers bro.