Reviews for "Jessica [Club Mix]"

Yes yes!

This is a 9, and that is great coming from me. As Im a little over-critical at times! And here is why my friend.

This is simply good :) I like the slow bouncing good old classic beat (what, 125bpm?) and the way my head nods up and down to the beat. I simply like it. Though. I nearly lost interest close to the 2minute mark - BUT then the intermission came and you got my hooked for the rest of the song. For some sick reason, the synth and melody got me thinking of Super Mario 64 and the underwater-theme - god knows why. But thats a good thing. Im a gamer and make a lot of game-music, and find references to games everywhere.

But when things really got good was when you broke out the most classic beat-bounce bass-line in trance ever at 2.37. God knows I love build-ups using that one well. The pads were epic and fluid and you know how to use those knobs in your VST, which is good - presets mostly suck.

So, the take-off. And yes it is great. It doesnt get noisy, it just perfectly continues what you have been building up. And when the open hihat-sequence joins the party at 3:30, my head starts to nod again. Simply great ... not much more to say.

Why its not a 10:
Well, it peaks a little. This is not good for me with expensive studio-monitors. You know what I meen with peaking? It crackles a lot when you use "splashes" for instance. Simply put, it is juuuust a tad to loudly mastered. You should really lower the final mix volume just a bit, as the song would be better when you crank the volume. But other than that it is ok. Also, when you said you used a midi, I got a little: "Ok, here comes some shitty ripped off crap". But nope, you made it your own - and I like it.

5/5 and 10'd.
Also, this is the second song i Favorite here at NG!

- SkyMarshall Arts c"m)

Terror-Proof responds:

Cheers man thanks for such the long review aswell it really means alot coming from you.

Yeah !

It's a really good piece of music you made !

Keep it up dude !

my kinda music

nice build up

Pretty Good

It is extremely nice but I agree with Laytorest. It could be faster. Other than that, Keep on pimpin

Well done!

This was a good song. Well done. Clear sound and everything. I know this is a club mix, and that is probably why it's so long and why its a little repetitive.

I'd say make the intro shorter, it was like a minute long. It just took too long building up. And then maybe give it a little more alternation for the melody or figure out another melody or two and work them in there so it has a little bit more variety. If you did that I'd definitely download it and put it on my ipod.