Reviews for "Jessica [Club Mix]"

Pretty Good

It is extremely nice but I agree with Laytorest. It could be faster. Other than that, Keep on pimpin


I was getting ready to say: "Heeey, something you can have sex with her with." but it's too... slow. Good song though, bro.

Terror-Proof responds:

Lol maybe i should make a faster version then eh?

Cheers bro.

my kinda music

nice build up

Yeah !

It's a really good piece of music you made !

Keep it up dude !

Well done!

This was a good song. Well done. Clear sound and everything. I know this is a club mix, and that is probably why it's so long and why its a little repetitive.

I'd say make the intro shorter, it was like a minute long. It just took too long building up. And then maybe give it a little more alternation for the melody or figure out another melody or two and work them in there so it has a little bit more variety. If you did that I'd definitely download it and put it on my ipod.