Reviews for "Jessica [Club Mix]"


I will say that trance is not my fav. genre at the moment, but i listened this song with pleasure!
Thanks for this work.

Great done!

I almost never like trance, and there were still some spots in the song that bored me.. BUT! I actually keep going back here and listen to it again. That's impressive. I've downloaded it - Keep up the good work. My name is Karen by the way, if you could make me a song ;D
-Just joking.. Hope your girlfriend likes it. I do.
I think "it all begins" at 02:20 but the build up works good.


Pretty good

Awwww, I was hoping for a sweet trance remix of the Allman Brothers song! Oh well. This is still pretty good.

Wicked Sick

Its lovely! My girl's name is Jessica, she says thanks for her song. lol

Terror-Proof responds:

Thats all good glad you and her enjoy it.

very nice

only problem with it is jessica is already a famous allmon brothers song name from like the 70's.

lol other than that its absolutely great. hope your girl likes it.

Terror-Proof responds:

Oh i didnt know that lol.

Yeah im poretty sure she does i mean she put in on her ipod.