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Reviews for "Magnum-Metaljonus"


Haha, there were a few melodies that reminded me of Dragonforce, but the bulk of the song was pretty different. Mostly your soloing. Hopefully you'll decide to finish it at some point. It's a pretty cool tune.

Metaljonus responds:



Fucking amazing...

Metaljonus responds:

thx! your the man too!

Take THAT Herman Li!

You? Like DragonForce? May I have the names of whoever said that so I can kill them for you? It would be the least I could do in exchange for all your kick ass music. *high five*

Street Fighter yo

thats legit right there man - definitely amazing instrumental. im honestly speechless- haha -

i guess its just badass- definitely reminds me of Street Fighter tho.

keep it up.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks! Street Fighter is the shit.


You should explore other ezdrummer sounds, but the guitar is awesome!

keep at it