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Reviews for "Magnum-Metaljonus"


there hasnt been any heavy metal songs that have caught my attenttion really on newgrounds. but after hearing stuff made by you i found that there is hope for heavy metal songs on this site


A dragonforce comparison is pretty accurate, this hits the same awesome Power Metal style they have.

I like your guitar work better though, it's more melodic less "lets see how many notes I can hit in a second"

Excellent track though, without a doubt one of the best metal pieces I've heard this month.


i dont think dragonforce are that bad

dont hurt me

Metaljonus responds:

I love you ;D


awesome man
and why does every1 caompare this to dragon force any1 i know who actually listens to them is pretty gay i mean they are like if u hear i once you get the point any time after its like i get it
nicely done


Nothing has made my ears pound like this. Thanks, and keep tearin' it up!

1025th d/l! Yes, that number is special to me.