Reviews for "poninja tribute"


it was sorta like... madness.. only... not as good. cool poninja'ness, but... madness... verry verry simlar... ya im going with madness on this one, you did ok persay, but uh, nope, not all that good, kep up the work, im sure youl get better, we all do, exept the clocks, but thats a diffrent story, aint it.

Magwai responds:

hmm well thanks, but not everything with only arms and bodies is madness, i know madness is good, but i didnt thought of this type of charactars, like i said it were poninjas, but thanks


new to flash my ass. that was really good! :P

((( COOL )))

Notbad it was cool, but please make some backround, it would look so much better, and while you are at it some color ok i know you like the grey anyways good little fight scene even if it parodied everything and her mother but still it was entertaining...



Not bad for a first animation! Just try to make it go a little faster... the whole movie seemed like it was in slo-mo. lol
Maybe next time you can come up with something original. I liked the poninjas, though they weren't as good as the original. Considering it's your first flash, it's great.


you have givin me new hope that maybe just maybe my "dot." movie will survive because no offence but this was kinda mediocre but i do respect all the effort you probably put in 2 this flash so if you have some pointers please let me pick you brain! Aim:riganomic Email:riganomic@yahoo.THANX!