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Reviews for "What We Are"


from all the drum and bass raves i have been to and music i have heard. i have never heard something quite this... whats the word for it...... amazing?!?



Decepticon420 responds:

Thanks for the review mate! I definitely try to make my tunes standout from the rest.


Man this track is one of the sickest things ive heard in a long time of this site man.
A very good cross of old school Concord Dawn with there new school beat man.
I fucking love it man.
Not one thing i can find wrong in this track.
Vocals went so well with the dark synths.
Beat was just outstanding i thought the kick was abit to loud for abit but then i took my head fones and put on the stereo and just laughed at myself.
Good work man keep this shit up you will go fucking far with it.

Decepticon420 responds:

Yes, I was hoping someone would recognize those vocals. Legend was a really dark and moving story, so i had to make this justas dark and moving. Thanks for the review mate!

With all these good reviews, I have decided to setup my studio again ( I took a hiatus for a year (loss of employment, bought a house...you know real life things). may take me a bit to get a new set of tunes, but I will submit more.


Respect. :D

Decepticon420 responds:

Thanks mate!


I Dont HaveThe Words To Describe This!!!!
Keep It Up Bro!!!

Decepticon420 responds:

Like I have said in my current responses, I will be setting up my studio once again from a year long hiatus. So keep on the lookut in the months to come. I say months because I don't want to just slap something together and post it, I take my time.

Thanks for the review mate!


This is CRAZY GOOD!!!! I'm into makin' dnb songs and this makes me want to go make them even more. I'm going to strive to be this good. btw, what program is this?

5/5 10/10