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Reviews for "What We Are"

D&B Balistics

As said be for the intro is a little long but I know how hard it is to search for the perfect intro and the perfect sounds afterwards. Everything that comes after the 'real' D&B drop-in is, what I like to call, 'a work of artistic emotions inside the music'.
What I like most is the use of voices-recordings in my D&B, You didn't 'over' do it like some do and you didn't put in just some short shuffle of voice that makes you wonder what the heck that was for.
I give you a 9/10 because the intro was a little too long but I think you put a lot of work in to making this what it is. We All ow you a 5/5 for bringing us your 'Nice hard dirty synthy dark and scary' - D&B. You brought us the truth of the name you gave it, because it's All in it!
Keep that studio jammin' like it's supposed to!!!

high energy

great job. You mix it up enough to keep me tuned in.

fave genre,2nd fave song

i love this

ooh yeah

Now THATS the way I like my D&B.
Christ man, that was awesome.
Loved the gritty and dark feel to it.

Great job on this one man. Keep it up!

Decepticon420 responds:

I have stated this in other review responses: hearing what you guys say has made me decide to get my studio running again after a year long hiatus. Thanks for the reviews and for the inspiration to make some dank DnB again!

A great job! sounds pro

A great job! Very nice tune and you used very great atmospheric sound effects recognisable for DnB songs. The only thing I did not like was the intro.....way too long!

Keep up the good work you sound very Pro!

Decepticon420 responds:

The intro is a little long, but it made it easier for me to mix with other tunes (getting that double drop is quite trying at times!) Thanks for the review mate!