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Reviews for "What We Are"


that's just like every villian theme song evar!11111

Good job :D

Quarl just took the words right out of my keyboard :D

Awesome song, annoying vocals.

First of all, this song kicks absolute ass and i feel bad not giving it a 10, but honestly the overuse of the same voice samples over and over again got really annoying. They were really cool at the start in the middle and at the end but they played repeatedly throughout the whole song which was just overkill.

meow mix

Great production quality. Too repetitive. 7 minutes off ctrl v. Thats why I took off two points in the review. Also, there's about 20 seconds of silence near the end you should have cropped out. Easy fix, so I don't really care.

Great job though, really pro mix. I hope it's your own work. I always get a little afraid when new faces submit really good stuff. It happens.

In any case, keep submitting. I'll be watching you :D

Decepticon420 responds:

Yes, it's all original. And there's a silence on the end? I never noticed it...I'll have to check the file.

Yes, I will have to crop that out and repost it. Sorry 'bout that.

its dark w/ the hall light on

not as dark as i thought it'd be, but most ppl dont get into the filthy darkness or the murky murk murkness=/ im a junglist by heart and DnB runs thru my viens! this was a excellent example of DnB. the only down side is it was almost too generic sound of what most ppl think of DnB. mass respect no doubt there mang! the intro wasnt long, least i thought it wasnt, ive dabbled in mixing and spun on the 1's and 2's so its not like im talking out my ass! the voices were perfectly placed! maybe in the future if make a remix of this, you should put some heavier bass drops more bass and hell i thought a trainwreck would have been perfect around 5 mins or so!
no doubt givin you a perfect 10! rep the DnB world mass style BIG UPS!