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Reviews for "What We Are"

Dark n' Dirty

Well done Bro, really nice work - but I must say that no one is perfect (sry ^^) ... so I got some little things to say about that as to all other submissions I listen to. MAYBE I wouldn't have made the beginning so long and MAYBE I would have made the Snare more powerfull and "crashing into the song" but thats what I think. And what would the world be like if we all would thinking tha same way?

Totaly sick dude

I think it had a really good rythym with and its definetly one of the best songs i've heard on newgrounds. Great job


It's pure awsomeness davids2004 your a BITCH YOU DON'T KNOW MUSIC!

cool stuff!

nice music man

To long intro

You were really teasing me with the intro, I really wanted to hear the drums, so i think the intro was a bit to long, but a side effect was that the drums were more enjoyable!
Nice :)