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Reviews for "Colin vs Jesus: FINALE!"

Fucking Amazing!

In my opinion, this has got to be the greatest animutation of all time. The graphics, the sound, the style, all amazing. Especially the music, which is close to that of theatre quality. It is a masterpiece in my book. There needs to be more ultra-high quality flash just like this!

Totally awesome.

I beg you to let there be more


I must have seen this at least 100 times, it rocks so hard. I've seen all of your animations and animutations, and they all kick ass!

The best flash film I have ever seen.

What this film had that the others don't have, (besides many of the Mr.T vs (someone) movies) was good drama. It was mock drama, but still drama. It is the epic battle of Colin Mochrie v.s Jesus H. Christ. What a classic. I mean, this was so different from what I had seen up to this point, which was random funny music videos with foreign songs that made no sense to me. But this was a real artistic film. Not like Citizen Kane or Lord Of The Rings. But the Colin v.s Jesus H. Christ movies could be the Lord Of The Rings of flash movies. Though there is a music video at the end. Which I didn't really care for. But that doesn't matter. This was the best I have ever seen. I have seen many brilliant flash films. But this is still the best.

nock off

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TmsT responds:

Time for your ritalin. Drink up!