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Reviews for "Colin vs Jesus: FINALE!"


why ther always jesus nerds everywhere

its not Jesus its jesus H Christ you nerd form down there READ PLEASE READ!

animutated like allways youll better be working for the real world nor your meased head or someday youll burn in real terrorist fire

Always attacking Jesus because you love your sin

I feel sorry for you people who do not have Jesus in your life, you spew hatred in everything you do, and you lash out at the creator like you can hurt him. In the end however all words and actions you do will be judged and if you don't have Jesus with you on judgement day, you will burn in hell for all eternity. The only way to stop that from happening is to accept Jesus as your lord and savior, don't wait because each second you do could be your last.

TmsT responds:

I feel sorry for people like you who think that Jesus is made of plastic so that you can stick him on your dashboard to prevent yourself from going to Hell.
You really do make genuine Christians look like a bunch of idiots. It's only because they're rather nice people that they don't turf you out of the church for being such a moron.

Ack! I found teh pr0n!

The way you find it is by pressing the pause & play button real fast again and again until the pr0n comes up!

A great end to the animutation trilogy!!!

I saw "French Erotic Film" and "Plan 9 From Underpants" before this, and they were very funny! This one lived up to their reputation! The graphics were great, the style was perfect, the sound was great, and there was a lot of humor! Excellent job!!!


Not very good, but I have that Jesus action figure, so I'll vote 5 as a courtesy.