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Reviews for "Colin vs Jesus: FINALE!"

Really good

I liked this alot.. especially the pr0n! =O~
Oh and about fiberglass monkey.. i woke up sorta ticked off at the world that day, pico is overplayed, but I liked the idea of the cartoon you made.

Wow, the random Pokerap dude?

Quite action packed and dramatic for an animutation, but it was awesome nottheless. It is indeed more like an Animutation-style movie. Good choose of music, great for the mood. And Colin found love!

And good job with the ending credits. Altough the porn was a cruel joke, even if you catch the actual image.

So, once more, awesome job. You are my hero today.

kik ass

i only love it because it has colin mochrie in it and it involved jesus violence... hilarious.

all my 5 belong 2 this woot!

this is so coll jest like the other 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!1 make more and the pron lol nice tricks ;) good work i w a n t moooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrressssss pls! :I kk make more

you dont kill JESUS,JESUS KILLS YOU!!!!

the only the i like is the music,its great!!!