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Reviews for "Colin vs Jesus: FINALE!"


it was fun but pretty gay too...i dint really enjoy watching it so give it only 7.

Insane, yet somehow compelling...

I don't even know what to think of this... it was entertaining in a bizarre sort of way. Where do you find your music?

TmsT responds:

...In this strange thing called The Internet. (-;

I don't believe it!

Too much spare time, you have done it again.

Out wondering newgrounds, but what do I see freshly submitted to the portal?

Well another GENIUS Colin vs Jesus episode, is what.

I remember seeing the first of these a year or so ago and thinking it was the most genius thing to ever hit flash.
These follow up episodes show no different.

(What is a animutation, and how is it different from a fanimutation, anyway?)

TmsT responds:

Animutation is a Fanimutation that has been made by the "inventor" of the art, Neil Cicierega.

This movie is neither, but it uses motifs from both.


i loved this, the conclusion of the trilogy. Your lyrics for the Vangelis song were brilliant and funny. My only complaint was going to be that it really wasn't much of an animutation, but then you covered that at the end after the battle ended. So i have only love for this great submition.