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Reviews for "Colin vs Jesus: FINALE!"


That was just epic. I never thought something like that could come from an animutation. Good Job.

You rule!

That was the best thing I have ever seen. It was an amazing combination of an epic storyline and a great finish with the wacky renditions of the other pioneers of Animutations. This is a 5.

Well, I'm quiting

Back in the day, I made a movie called Rap Tap Tap in an attempt to emulate Neil and his style. Toxic, Joxa, both brilliant as well. But, I just couldn't do them justice. However, you sir, have given them their due a hundred times over. Perfect.

That was MADNESS

That was bloody brilliant. The fight was great, the animation was superb, and then the Fanimutation medley was excellent.

Wonderful wonderful piece.


Well your art has developed since your previous works in this series and for that i commend you. Although the translation was great i believe that this finale would have been better served with another song prolly more upbeat. None the less this was a great piece. it seems that your focus came to story than chaos (until the credits) but that made this a good finale. still i would love to see more like French Erotic film (the orignal, the best)