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Reviews for "Colin vs Jesus: FINALE!"

Some of your best!!

I love animutation and you may in fact be my favorite creator of them of them all! I loved how the tune started out as being serious and then become goofier as the defeat of Mike Brady ended. I knew Jesus wasn't such a bad guy. It works great as a reference to the very first animutation. It was fantastic to see all of those characters in one place not to mention that mashup of animutation at the very end.

I only just wish you would make and submit more animutations to Newgrounds, as I love every second of them. I also managed to get that picture at the end by pressing play and it was very funny to see. I am simply fascinated at how this only has a score of 3.18.


To think this actually looked like a movie is mindboggling but yet was just as crazy as any other animutation but it was fun and entertaining to watch i especially laughed at the Lesko/Arbok type creature.


dam space russians, always crashin into things even without space smirnoff. good animutation or er fanimutation

"stupid pause botton"

i give nine cuz of the crule pause botton joke. I TRIED 17 TIMES.geez. BUT over all it was pretty asome and EPIC!pce yall


I agree with xXpezcoolXx and J.H.C now burn in hell? OH! it wasn't him, lmao, by the way people must remember that this animation was made years ago.