Reviews for "A Mile a Minute Star Wars"


This is the funniest flash movie i've seen for a long time. Make more and you'll have a lot of fans(like me).

Funniest Star Wars Parody ever made

I can't describe how funny this flash is. I've never seen anything like it, it's just hilarious!!! I've been exposed to Star Wars almost my entire life, and, everything in this is almost perfect. I really like the style of animation, too.

Well, for a new "mile a minute," of course, i'd definately say;
MAKE A PARODY OF THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!!! screw people who say; "this is the worst vid ever the animation was really crappy"
well, making things like this has to take alot of work, so, some people just don't appreciate it.
thank you so much for this aweome vid.
Henry G.

More! More!

I couldn't stop laughing, this was so damn funny.
Please make more! Do Episode V next! I'll be waiting!

Awesome tribute

"Star Wars" is of course one of my favorite movies as well and this was a spot-on parody of it. I love the voices in this and especially with how whiny Luke sounds. It is not a gag dub like you might expect, but a full fledged cartoon that has its own animation and effects. I could just go on and on about how funny the jokes are in this. I think the funniest parts might be when the stormtrooper admitted he was stupid and gave up his pants. It is not just tedious pop culture references, but actual humor.


Snakes, why's it always gotta be snakes?
LOl, thats the best one liner i've heard in a while. And the little plane dude popping out of R2 was a nice touch.