Reviews for "A Mile a Minute Star Wars"

Thats some funny shit!!!!!!

I think i fell in love with Star Wars all over again.....LOL

Can't wait for the next.

Heh, good for a laugh

That was pretty funny. Im a big starwars fan myself and I thought it was well done. Graphics sucked, but that was done on purpose im assuming so overall its still a very good movie.

Vader has the best lines... "I just put new rims on this piece"

Classic Flash man. Good job!

Very good.

Well done. Funny.

Extremely Hilarious.

This movie was great. I laughed the entire way through. The way you made Luke Skywalker a whiny bitch was comedic genius! And Obi-Wan's voice was extremely funny, especially the way he laughed. The crappy graphics made the movie better in my opinion. My favorite parts were when Luke was talking to Obi Wan and he said, "And then I jabbed this screwdriver in his eye and he went bzzzzzzz!" and Luke shot the blue beam out of his head, and when Han looked in the toilet and said, "Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes? I hate snakes.", lolol. What I'd like to see parodied next is Planet of the Apes. Very well done. Keep up the good work.


I couldn't even finish it. That was horrible. You put Star Wars parodies to shame.