Reviews for "A Mile a Minute Star Wars"


this was just disturbing.. really disturbing


That's awesome dude!
What a stroke of luck to run into this movie, made friggin 6 years ago...

I loved the voices, I think you did a pretty good job on them, especially Luke's voice.
You also kept it pretty balanced, so it worked well for me.

It's a good parody. Kind of similar to Link's quest for ass...
Hmm, it's not like the author is actually going to read this review...

Great Effort

Keep my pants for good luck...
I've a plan.. that plan sucked..
Telepathy.. hmm.. you sure are a powerful person obiwan, where ever you are..
Appreciate the effort and time you've put in to make this movie..

ha ha han solo indiana jones brilliant genius

are you going to do every other episode? good luck to ya if you do

omg! its so funny!!

its so funny i like the part where obi one says im a complete idiot then the trooper says the same hahahaaaaa! every night i dream about it also i like the part where obi one say here take my pant for luck the trooper gave his pant to obi one for luckhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha haaaaaaaaa!