Reviews for "A Mile a Minute Star Wars"

a REALLY funny parody

This is an extremly funny submission with endless hularious jokes and parodies. It has photo animations of the movie, which at first are kinda creepy but you get used to them. This is a fantastic flash and is worth watching.

Best Star Wars parody on the net.

THat is undoubtedly the best star wars parody on the net. You should definitely do the other star wars movies if you can write enough gags.

Wow! That was awesome!!!!

I can't believe you fit the whole movie in one flash! I thought it must have been impossible!!! Okay, here goes the review:


Yes, they sucked, big time, but do i care, NO! this made the movie all the more funny! Catching Mark Hammil and Harrison Ford at the exact wrong moments to make them look completely stupid!


Owned all! If the sound sucked, the movie would have sucked. But it didn't. It was awesome. Luke sounded like a nerdy teenager, while Han had his usual deep grumbling voice. Excellent work


Awesome!!!!! This was absolutely amazing. Greatest Star Wars parody ever! Except for maybe the Star Wars Gangsta Rap. But this is certainly the funniest.

Good Job! Now make V and IV! Now!



Best star wars ever

I crapped my pants when Chewie talk

Han solo quote "snakes. why'd it have to be snakes. i hate snakes"

Best star wars parody on Newgrounds

This was the funniest flash I ever saw I told all my friends about it