Reviews for "A Mile a Minute Star Wars"

Not funny enough

Good images and execution, but the jokes were weak.

haha great

lmao good one

funny stuff lol

you should parady the emire sticks back next this was some funny stuff it must have taken agis XD

Funniest Star Wars Parody ever made

I can't describe how funny this flash is. I've never seen anything like it, it's just hilarious!!! I've been exposed to Star Wars almost my entire life, and, everything in this is almost perfect. I really like the style of animation, too.

Well, for a new "mile a minute," of course, i'd definately say;
MAKE A PARODY OF THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!!! screw people who say; "this is the worst vid ever the animation was really crappy"
well, making things like this has to take alot of work, so, some people just don't appreciate it.
thank you so much for this aweome vid.
Henry G.

very funny

the entire movie is funny i rated five