Reviews for "A Mile a Minute Star Wars"

pretty good

one of the few movies that actually made me laugh. good job. the corny jokes were funny. "I hope so, I'm wearing his underpants"
classic and still funny. sometimes it slowed down but it was still good.


Pretty damn funny! great work! especially the part where luke is screwing around with the screw.... driver... yeah... that's it.

Keep it up! You rule!


Damn, this movie made me laugh HARD! I especially cracked up when Luke kept poking at the Princess Leia hologram! That was just too freakin funny!! I also liked the way you edited the movie and made it look almost like an alternate version. I think that maybe the next thing you should make fun of is that stupid, crappy "Pearl Harbor" film. The ghetto love story just killed it! Well, good luck with your movies!

Dolemite50 responds:

Heh, I've been wanting to see that. It sounds to bad to miss.
Thanks for the review.

OMG that was too FUNNY!!

I loved every second of it! The jokes and crappy animation were just too much for me to handle, i couldn't stare at my screen without having to laugh at everything. Great job man, maybe your next parody could be on another star wars movie.

Funny, but kinda slow...

The voices where great, and the use of other movies was good to, but it kinda got a little slow, like I was waiting for the next joke. Also, although lots of people like the still movie clips, it isn't as good to me. Try using real animated characters next time. Keep it up!