Reviews for "Sacred Sound Waves"


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Krizy responds:

Lol, ur funny :D

best one


Krizy responds:

Thanks dude,
but I think you have now actually writed 2 reviews on the same submission?
I appreciate it anyways :P :)


The sounds you use are really good, different from other NG-songs-sounds. The melody are quite catchy too, and it builds nicely up to the "chorus" on 0:48, which returns even more "powerful" on about 01:33. You end the song pretty well. Really good!

The score should be a lot higher, by the way.


Krizy responds:

Zomg, that gotta be one of the best reviews I have seen around here.
Thank you very much... dude! :D

An enchanting experience!

I will never get tired of this song for it's beat is stuck in my head. It's great that you made it yourself as well. Keep up the great work!


I love this song!!!! pure awesome, pure awesome B-)
You made it on FL8 rite?
Also imma 5-bomb all your songs :3 (take that 0-bombers!)

Krizy responds:

Ey ey, what's up :D
Thanks a LOT! ^_______^