Reviews for "Sacred Sound Waves"

best one


Krizy responds:

Thanks dude,
but I think you have now actually writed 2 reviews on the same submission?
I appreciate it anyways :P :)

this is pretty good.

i like the breakcore styles, but it is a bit thin, all midrange and high end.
you are better than 85% of the "musicians" on this site.
check out my sounds sometime too man.

Krizy responds:

- I will
Thanks alot dude...


This is defferent from all other songs on NewGrounds, it uses awesome sounds i've never heard before. I like how you emphasized the kick. 9/10, it could use a bassline in most points. Voted 5, to counter the 0 bombers just 4 u. ;)

Krizy responds:

*cry* TAHNKS...

btw, bass will make distortion. :o
Thanks for the tips though! ^_____________^


veldig bra sang krizy!^^ h├ąper du noen gang lager en rocke aktig sang :P keep it upz man

Krizy responds:

Heheh, rock er ikke min stil akkurat.... desverre..

Thanks for the review :D


to vote 5

Krizy responds:

Lol, ur funny :D