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Reviews for "TRAILER The Atoms Family"


pretty nice ... i'm interested to see what the actual movie will be like

not bad!

for a trailer that was graet! i was like ehhh a trailer well this might be cool. but it was laugh out loud funny! haha somethings wrong... WAASAAAA! lol i am gonna enjoy this series :) keep up the good work

Looks cute!

Good work. Looking forward to the series.

awsome! that was Funny! wsAAAAA!!!!

you have got to make a real show out of this its funny! just use more atoms! its funny as all hell you know you can even TEACH people this way! image your future! a Science Learning Movie person! for schools like jr. highs or Elementry classess dude you g2 do this! it rules!

That was great stuff!

Yes! Yes! Make the series! Please! :D And e-mail me when its ready if thats not too much trouble. Its in my profile. Can't wait till the real thing! :D