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Reviews for "TRAILER The Atoms Family"


Well this trailer was pretty neat. A very awsome idea to have actual atoms animated! Also this had good music. Each atom had a type of name and went along with its theme of meaning.

Look to be an intresting series.


That's an original idea, making characters out of atoms and giving them personalities. Decent for a trailer. I'm curious what the actual episode will be about.


this should be a kickassing show, i tell ya!
iv'e got an idea! put a new familiy member called
"oxy"! (oxygen)
and make him a junkie!
(you know-because the clean oxygen makes you high!)


Heh that was good, looking forward to more!

The Atoms Rock!

Usually I give trailers an average score unless they manage to impress me with something, and it's rarely the case. But your Atoms Family trailer is indeed an exception with good style, beautiful facial animation, good vocals of your tiny atoms and definitely promising start. I would love to see the true series when they come and, and the only thing I can ask you is to spice the quality with some real good humor, which would differentiate your works from the stock clock/lock/whatever crap NG gets poured on with.