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Reviews for "TRAILER The Atoms Family"

Dude OMG!!,

First of all, I noticed a drawing of a vagina in the war chant (genius)

Secondly, y'know in movies when somebody hears or sees something shocking and **spits** out their drink?
Well I spat coffee all over my keyboard when Uranium got a boner. LOL STRAIGHT INTO THE FAVOURITES WITH THIS ONE!!! :D

JoeandTom responds:

LOL, Awsome!

Yeah, I was thinking about redoing this episode, since no one really saw it yet... But I had a virus when i was creating this, and I never got to finish it!!! gahhhh!!!

Ahh well, thats what life gives me...

Thanks for the review! So what if this movies old, I still remember it!


Had me laughing!!

Good job for making me laugh. Fix the sound though all I could understand was"Cowboys and Indians."!! Love the names of these little guys!! Keep it up

You get a 5!

I liked it alot actually it was very well put together for your first flash! The only problem I had was the sound possible solution for it is subtitles or working on the sound ;) good job though i'm a fan of your work now!

Very good

Not as good as The Blammed, but it was still good! It had some good slapstick humor, the music was nice, the graphics were decent, and the humor was good!
Graphics: 9 since the drawings were a bit simplistic, but they were good for what they were! Gave you bonus points for drawing the atom shaped like Peter and how their mouths were shaped like their initials! Clever
Sound: 9 because the music and voices were funny, but it was hard to hear what they were saying with the TV on. Subtitles, maybe?
Interactivity: 10 because the play button! Spiffy
Style: 10 for the old-school cartoon approach and something different from your average families
Violence: 7 for when the guy got thrown through the roof
Humor: 8 for the mouth-initial thing, the wassap part, Boron, aaaaand...the family guy thank you? I love that show!

JoeandTom responds:

lol family guy owns us all

I mean really, its the funniest thing out there.

Unfortunetally I cant get the atoms family anymore, due to an error i had with my last installation of flash, now it just wont open... I have no idea why if anyone has any solutions, PLEASE TELL ME!!

if youwant more details just ask,

Thanks alot vampyro for that review :D
Stay cool, and watch family guy! haha!

not bad

not bad at all..you should make the series, it looks pretty funny...