Reviews for "His World (Remix)"


this is so cool!

paranoiddj001 responds:

Thanks :)

Simply Amazing!

Sonic is an amazing character and the theme songs he has had over the years are as awesome as he. I think this is his coolest yet and you just made it even cooler. Soothing choice of synths in the beginning and then the intensity of the main body of the song is blended perfectly with a moving percussion and bass line. I am so happy someone redid this song perfectly!

paranoiddj001 responds:

I wouldn't call it a perfect remix...but I'm glad you think so! Thanks!


Duuude! That is one tight song


I can See this in a Sonic Flash...sweet!

Beyond words

I've never played the new Sonic game but This is a piece of art.

paranoiddj001 responds:

Thanks for the review! :)