Reviews for "His World (Remix)"

Hot spit this shit is ledgit! 11/10 my friend!

One word, EPIC!

Seriously, this is the best Sonic music since Endless Possibilities Remix. Great remix!

Wait a minute...!

Dude awesome song but I think someone snitched it and put it on youtube cause I have it on my computer and in my faves!

Very well made

Personally i listen to remixes all the time, this was really good, well put together, very flowing and i loved the buidup... also i like how you used the good part of the song the whole time, never got into the verses.

Not bad....

i listen to these kinda songs as if they are the only music in the world, not the best remix, but deficiently not the worst. i've yet to hear a remix with someone actually singing the words, but if you were to make one with a person with a good voice using this remix, it could be a huge improvement or a major disappointment.