Reviews for "His World (Remix)"

the best remix

dude i have to say that this is the best his world remix.even better than those youtube remixes :D

i like it.....

i like it but try and add words if possible next time..ok

paranoiddj001 responds:

I'll try :) Thanks for the review


truly amazing, my 3rd fav song on newgrounds! or at least it will be when you get the rest of it.
really good job though.

I'm kind of dissapointed.

I was expecting the whole song and not just the intro of it.
But anyways, it's still good. Keep it up.

paranoiddj001 responds:

Will do and thanks for the 100th review!
Anyway, I am planning to re-do this in the future and it should include everything about the song because as I said in previous reviews, I didn't listen to the full song when I made this.

Okay i guess

I didnt like the start but when it got to 0:50 it got good with the synth and bassline
Keep it up and with a bit of work this could be a masterpiece!